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The Final Episode Broadchurch – Here’s to series 3!

25 February 2015

I remember the trailers for Broadchurch series one back in 2013. Coupling the Ellie Goulding song Explosions with the drama really set the tone for what was to come.

For me that Goulding’s cappella introduction following the almost ethereal operatic vocal loop really gave the trailer a mysterious grounding which sparked myself and 9.3 million viewers interest.

Monday saw the final episode of what has been a truly excellent Series 2. I agree with Vicky Frost from the Guardian;

“Parts were breathtaking, but at other times this was as uneven as the rest of the second season; the cast acting out of their skins…”

For me, a part…a major part, of the joy of the series was the way it showcased this marvelous part of the country. The scenery in and around West Bay was framed so wonderfully by Irishman John Conroy .  Follow him on Twitter here

I’ve said it before, Dorset has been a slow-burn as a holiday destination in the UK…the slow drip feed over the years…decades has left this motorway-less county out of the limelight. But recently it really has turned a corner and I feel it is arguably the most en-vogue UK holiday destination.

Celebrity chefs and new hoteliers coupled with…oh that scenery has really helped in increasing the tourism to the area. and local holiday parks has seen upto 50% increase in bookings this year.

Without doubt Broadchurch has invigorated that interest, but without doubt it’s because of the scenery. So here is my top X of locations captured from the ITV player.

1) Our personal favourite has to be the Beach Huts in Charmouth…obviously.

Source: ITV

2) The Cliffs at West Bay. Those Purbeck cliffs look like something from another planet. So tall and imposing. The turn a vibrant red when the sunsets.

3) West Bay. This small fishing harbour has had a lot of time and money spent on it recently…long may it continue.

4) The waves all along West Bay and down toward the Hive Beach. Take care though. Those Crashing waves hide a steep shelf that drop away quite quickly.

5) Lovely to see the Cafe Royal in Bridport featured in one scene with DI Hardy.

Here is the final shot and the end of the credits in Series 2.  Those West Bay cliffs again.


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