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The 'Broadchurch effect': Bridport & West Bay

19 January 2015

I just love the positive effect that is having on Dorset. Research conducted by has suggested that there has been a 67% increase in searches for accommodation in Bridport and that interest has risen by 161% in the past few days. Also, Online booking sites have reported a 200% increase in searches for Dorset and Somerset.

All this is terrific news for local businesses.

It’s hardly surprising, the producer have gone to great lengths to showcase the wonder scenery on offer at that part of the country.

The dramatic shots of the Purbeck cliffs overlooking West Bay are incredible. But as people flock to the area, it is important to be aware that the cliffs are unstable. The West Bay Coastguard has issued several warning that the cliffs can be dangerous and not to get too close.

Mark Collins from West Bay CoastGuard said “Anyone going that close to the edge is risking themselves, anyone below them and us if we have to go and rescue them.
“I don’t understand why people don’t heed the warnings, there have been several accidents there.
“People tend to want to look over the side and they quite realise they are just stood on turf with nothing below.”

Have a read on the Bridport News website of how not to enjoy the Cliffs in West Bay

My Favourite shot from episode 2 was outside the Chalets on Charmouth Beach where DS Miller and Claire Ashworth were talking over a packet of chips.

Source: ITV

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