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Half Term Alien Invasion!

10 June 2011

Running a Dorset holiday park means you have to be prepared for anything, as there is always plenty of excitement and lots of things to keep you on your toes. But one thing we definitely weren’t expecting during half term week was an invasion by a creature from outer space!

The alien landed at Newlands during the whitsun break at the end of May, it was blue and had four arms and one great big giant eye.

There was only one thing for it, it had to be gunged! We captured the creature and took it to the gunge arena and we don’t think it’ll be coming back!

The pesky alien did manage to catch two unsuspecting victims and get them gunged as well though...

The outer space half term theme was a lot of fun, and we had a great time dressing up and playing games and doing space-themed activities. We’ve got plenty more themes for children coming up over the summer. Here is the kid’s club schedule for the rest of year:

•    Space - May 30th

•    Beach - July 25th

•    Jungle - August 1st

•    Pirate - August 8th

•    Wild Wild West - August 15th

•    Circus - August 22nd

Lots to look forward to, so don't forget your fancy dress costumes!

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