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Broadchurch - Series 2 - Spolier Alert!

09 January 2015

If you haven’t yet seen the first episode of Broadchurch Series 2 DO NOT READ ON.

This series to spread out over 8 episodes and judging from the first it ought to be good. As usual West Bay and the Cliffs all the way down to the Hive Beach featured heavily on the opening episode.

So what do we know so far...

DS Miller is now in Devon

And it is fair to say she doesn’t like it. Olivia Coleman manages to bring intensity to the role whilst balancing her impeccable comic timing. The scene in the ladies toilets with David Tennant really made me giggle at the end.

She is receiving counseling and is still being blamed for the death of Danny.

DI Hardy

David Tennant is excellent again in the role of DI Hardy.  Secrets continue to swirl round Hardy.  What was the letter he received from the NHS - how serious is his condition.  The lady he is protecting in the cottage, Claire Ripley, how 'involved' is he with her.  And was it her husband who broke into Alec's house.

It turns out DI Hardy's been offering unofficial witness protection to the acquitted man's wife Claire Ripley, played by Eve Myles of Torchwood fame. She's hiding from her husband, Lee (played by James D'Arcy), who DI Hardy accused of being responsible for the Sandbrook murders. Alec Hardy reveals he moved to Broadchurch to keep her whereabouts a secret.

Joe Miller

I love the story that was recently reported in the Radio Times that Matthew Gravelle who plays the killer Joe Miller had to be separated from socializing the cast to carry the extra authenticity that the role demands.

Also, that he had to wear a wig when being transported from scene to scene so as not to give any scent of a rumour away.

And why did he plead not guilty?

Jocelyn Knight

Charlotte Rampling brings a gravitas to the role of the Latimer’s Barrister. At first she refuses to take on the case, but events in the form of a previous student of hers manage to change her mind.

Rev Paul Coates kissing hotel Manager

Hotel manager Becca Fisher is seen kissing Rev Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) outside the courtrooms.

Also, why is the Good Reverend visiting Joe Miller is Prison?

Is this important or is it a Red Herring?

Tom Miller secretly visiting Mark Latimer

In a dark twist Mark Latimer is shown to play video games with Tom. Is he trying to exact some kind of revenge or is it part of a healing process?


There is an interesting scene where we see an unidentified man walking through a field of bluebells.  Why?  Who is the man?

And why oh why to people keep meeting on the beach and walking away from the obvious way back to the car park.

Questions, questions, questions.

The next episode of Broadchurch is broadcast on Monday 12 January at 9pm on ITV.
We'll be watching - hope you will be too!

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